Interview by Best Actor Award

Interview with Mathilde Anglade Outstanding Award Winner for the Short Film “The Corners of Your Smile

Hi, Mathilde! Thank you for granting this interview and sincere congratulations on your ‘Outstanding Performance’ Award! You directed and played the lead actress in the film ‘The Corners of Your Smile’. What should the audience expect to see?

A lot of dancing, music, laughing, kisses, cuteness, a bit of screaming and tears. A love story basically.

 You’re playing the role of Ruby in ‘The Corners of Your Smile’. Tell us more about your character. What is her personality like?

Ruby is a very honest and hypersensitive soul. She is deeply in love with Sophie and wants the best for her. She wants to motivate her, but sometimes she doesn’t know how to express it and ends up being what Sophie considers harsh, blunt, or unsupportive – they have different points of view on how to be supportive for each other. Deep down, Ruby also struggles with feeling like she does not have a strong passion like Sophie, and she feels somewhat insecure about it.

Mathilde Anglade in “The Corner of Your Smile”


What did you do to prepare for the role? Where did you get the inspiration from in order to give depth to your character?

I got some inspiration from people in my life and from my own life. Izzy (my acting partner) and I also worked on our relationship a lot – on screen and off screen. We hung out outside of the theatre rehearsals we were doing at the time, and outside of the rehearsal for this film, and we watched our natural behaviour in mundane situations. We tried to notice where our behaviours matched what we thought the characters would do, and where it didn’t. Sometimes we adapted our behaviours, sometimes we got inspired by it and they fed into our performance. It was a beautiful process. We went to buy our costumes together too. We tried to use every opportunity we had to create layers very organically. During the rehearsal we also used a lot of improvisation – it’s one of my favourite techniques! I find that it really helps to bring out the subtext, the relationship, and what is really at stakes. And it forces me to really listen deeply, and to let go and trust the moment. I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to work on a feature film with a director who uses improvisation on set. The dream.

Isobel Eveleigh and Mathilde Anglade in “The Corner of Your Smile”


Without giving anything away, what is your favourite line of dialogue and why?

“You’re a selfish lunatic who doesn’t understand art” because it’s so dark and cutting and heart- breaking, and kind of funny in a way. Ok, in the film it’s actually not funny, at all! But I love dark humour so…

You also produced and directed ‘The Corners of Your Smile’. What did you enjoy most about working the film?

The mix of acting and directing. The directorial preparation and acting rehearsals. I absolutely LOVED directing. It was a great discovery. I spent time visualising and preparing the style of performance, the production design of the apartment, the colours, the world they live in, the shots and lighting for each moment, the music. It’s such a fascinating process to go through this with an amazing team. Also, directing myself on set was actually fantastic and my favourite part of it all. It made the process so free and helped me get the best performance I could for this project. I loved it.

Isobel Eveleigh in “The Corner of Your Smile”


The co-star/supporting actor of the protagonist often has a crucial importance in telling the story. Did you know your co-star Isobel Eveleigh before, or was this your first time working together?

Izzy was crucial for the success of this film. Izzy and I met 6 weeks before shooting the film. We worked on an Oscar Wilde play together and bonded really quickly. We didn’t have any scenes together, but we had a lot of fun during rehearsals. We talked a lot about our passion / obsession with film and realised that we both really wanted to make a film in the vein of Blue Valentine and Blue is the Warmest Colour – a raw indie drama love story where the relationship is the central element. I already had written the script. I showed it to her, she loved it, and so I went full into production and 6 weeks later we were on set making it happen. Crazy story. It all happened super quickly. We were both really excited about the project.

Isobel Eveleigh and Mathilde Anglade in “The Corner of Your Smile”


What is the message that your film and/or your character convey?

This film is about passion, love, and how you can sometimes lose yourself, or grow together, in a relationship. There are themes of truth, relationship highs and lows, difference of perspectives between lovers, co-dependency. There is an underlying message or question around: ‘should we always tell the truth?’, ‘Should we lie to protect someone, or to give someone what they want to hear?’. I also wanted to show the highs and lows of relationships, so that people who watch the film realise that it’s ok, that we all go through phases in our relationships and that it’s not the end of the world, we come out of it alive and stronger. Throughout the film there is the idea that the characters are very similar, yet very different, which is what creates tension between them – it is harder to accept a disagreement when you think that you are so similar and understand each other. Overall in film, and in my roles, I aspire to help the audience have compassion for all human beings in their lives. By showing characters, their problems, and their back stories, I believe the audience can grasp better the greyness of human lives and increase their compassion towards each other. Lastly, I wanted to put a lesbian relationship on screen, and not make a big deal out of it. They are two people in love. Full stop. I actually wrote the script without thinking of the gender originally. But then I met Izzy, and I love both women and men or any gender really, so it felt meant to be to have a love story between two women.

A scene of “The Corner of Your Smile”


We know you originally are from France and then moved to Australia. What are the major differences and/or similarities you found working as an actress in both Countries?

The main difference is that the French market is huge compared to the Australian market, this is true in absolute number obviously, but also relative to the population. This means that a lot of actors write, produce, direct – more than in France I think. It’s a great thing actually. It made me discover all aspects of filmmaking, which made me a better actress and inspired me as an artist.

Isobel Eveleigh in “The Corner of Your Smile”


What are you currently working on? Is there any upcoming project you would like to share?

I’ve just secured two major TV series roles in the US. One for a comedy TV series written by LA-based Australian Olivia Simone, and the other one is a romcom about a French-Aussie in LA (crazy, right!), produced by Ross Howden. I should be moving to the US in February 2020 to start on these productions. In the meantime, I’m writing a few things of my own: a sci-fi fantasy film, and a play. I’m super excited about the future!


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